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Welcome to our brand new site. It is a bit like plumbers never doing any work at home, I never got around to doing a site for myself until now. I hope you like it! It was built using a theme. I tend to do this rather than build from scratch as it offers a lot Read more

Style is Key

You need the right theme for your type of business. Fair enough that I have done an all singing and dancing stylish site for Media Handling as I have to get across the level I can work too – except the layerslider moving slides which I will add later. You need the style of site that Read more

Wording is Crucial

While style and images will crucially get people’s attention, you need to capture them with words. This is your big chance to get across why that customer should come to you not your competitors.

Image is King

A picture says a thousand words?… it might be more! Pictures capture the attention and the imagination so you need to be careful what imagery you choose. It puts across your business very quickly in either a good or bad way. We have access to millions of stock photos from a nuumber of different photo libraries. Read more