Project Description

Because of the media marketing work done for the theatrical release of this film, I was invited to the premiere at Leicester Square.

At the party afterwards there was a couple of the actual sets from the movie on display featuring the actual characters, which got almost as much interest as the free bar (Nobody ate the free chicken pies).

I thought that the public would love to see the actual movie stars and set, so suggested a nationwide tour. 20th Century Fox were distributing the DVD release so I ended up working for them on this.

I hired an exhibition trailer and the Aardman staff fitted the most iconic set, the chicken hut into the trailer. The actual stars Rovcky, Ginger etc were to be put into place each day into the set using pins on their feet into tiny holes into the set. Each evening they were wrapped up carefully in tissue and sealed in cardboard boxes until the next day. I had huge egg shaped display boards and a surround to make the trailer match the wood effect of the hut. The hut was lit up and the film played on a small screen. We gave away the remaining copies of the making of video.

Aardman had had two Disneyland type costumes made, for which I had to find two small girls to wear. The costumes were so hot and heavy the heads were fitted with battery operated fans.

And so we went on a tour of shopping centres and schools in December, from Scotland down to Bristol an back again. As part of the mix I had to do Q&A’s in some schools.

Project Details

  • Project Category:
  • Commercial Creativity, Events,
  • Company / Client:
  • 20th Century Fox/ Aardman Animations