Project Description

For the theatrical release of the movie “Chicken Run” we ran all national media promotions in the UK. In the Sun newspaper we organised a Chicken Run hat to be made especially for Ascot. We gave the hat to the Sun so that a photograph of the Queen Mother in her carriage looking and waving at the girl wearing the hat made a double page spread. Following on from that we organised competitions in the paper five days running with different prizes each day. We also ran some reader offers and a free Chicken Run phone card offer that ran as a collection mechanic over the 5 days. In one week we put together 13 promotions fpr the Sun.

In the same week we also ran a promotion for a free Chicken Run games CD in the News of the World and a free poster promotion in the Daily Mirror.

The biggest promotion was with the Radio Times which had a huge circulation was in millions back then. The promotion was a free making of the movie video. Readers redeemed vouchers from the Radio Times at Thorntons’ stores nationwide for their free DVD. We organised contributions to the budget from both parties so that the promotion was free to Aardman. We organised production of the videos and sleeves. The Radio Times gave the whole front page and three full inside pages to the film that week. Other smaller promotions were run with BBC Radio 1, the Daily Express and magazines at the same time. Then afterwards we managed all the production (eg CD’s and redemptions of all the promotions)

Project Details

  • Project Category:
  • Commercial Creativity, Media Promotions,
  • Company / Client:
  • Aardman Animations/Pathe films