Project Description

At a meeting with Aardman Animations they showed me a piece of promotional plastic sometimes given away in cereal boxes, which when held up to a light or daylight turned into a black & white photo. The process was invented by the Victorians but this was a modern twist. If effect the inner the plastic the more light came through (ie lighter) or the thicker it was the more darker. The process was made with molds to the definition of one tenth of a millimetre.

To me this looked like a piece of white chocolate so we approached the mold maker who said he had done a sample. We then licensed the process and exhibited our 3D photo “Chocpix” in Birmingham, London and Chicago (Candy Expo). We won the prize for best new product at the ISM confectionery exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

We produced lots of samples and learnt how to do 3D CadCam, metal milling and chocolate production.

We had interest and meetings with Thorntons, Hussel (Germany’s biggest chocolate retailer) and Nestle.

Alas the product was too difficult to explain visually to buyers, so we had to move onto other projects but we did manage over 8 million bars for Comic Relief which we show as a different project here.

Probably the most eventful experience was putting Chocpix on Dragon’s Den. The Dragons however did not invest. My colleague Frank Lia did the presentation, but I was to present another idea to Peter Jones on his ITV “Tycoon” series a while later.

Project Details

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  • Commercial Creativity, Copy Writing, Events, Logo Design, Web Design,
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  • Chocpix