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You will see in this portfolio that we ran high level promotions for the launch of the Aardman movie “Chicken Run”. They then told us they were looking to make a series of ten short new “Wallace & Gromit” films so that their new animators could get used to the famous pair as a feature film was planned for later (Curse of the Wererabbit).

Half of the money was to be put up by Atom Films for online paid viewing in the USA.

Our first plan was to show little clips all over the internet on people’s sites funded by advertising, but that seemed fraught with problems.

Plan B was to run with the Daily Mail’s first ever free DVD promotion. We were doing a lot of free offers for them at the time (see newspaper promotions).

The free DVD contained “A Grand Day Out” and two of the shorts.

The DVD was to be given within the newspaper itself in the Central TV region and to be redeemed as a free DVD through the post in the rest of the country.

The Daily Mail gave the promotion a strong front page plug, some TV advertising and almost a full page in the higher circulation Mail on Sunday (see slideshow).

The newspaper also gave us a fixed number (in tens of thousands) for the free DVD postal redemption which we handled.

Within the free newspaper space was our upsell – the full “Cracking Contraptions” video or DVD to buy.

One Friday evening I was sat at home and sent the two versions of copy (in paper or apply by post) by the Daily Mail and had twenty minutes to approve both lengthy complicated promotions. There was no one at that time who could approve things from the clients perspective before it appeared in print. I had to judge both the free and paid redemptions on a format not done before with a geographic split dividing the promotion. The characters were very popular and the paper had over three million readers.

It went well, our figures could not have been closer, but we obviously had to turn around all the free and paid for videos in the space of a week or two.

We were credited as producers on the DVDs (nder our sister co name Media Ideas)

We were also involved in the script approval process for the short films, dvd menu and cover design and so on. We also for a time ran related merchandise via our site .

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