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Somehow I got to advise GMTV on their phone in competitions. While at a meeting with their marketing manager I noticed a file that said “Roadshow” on her desk. It was at the time I was doing UK press promotions for the BBC Radio 1 Roadshows. When I enquired it was their plan to do a summer holiday tour of Spain, live each morning for 6 weeks throughout the show. It was presented by Anthea Turner and Mr Motivator. So I offered to do the merchandise for the tour.

Knowing a lot about newspaper games at the time which were popular then. I suggested that rather than stagnant in paper numbers calling that could be seen to be fixed, that games could be played live on the beach (eg numbers on people’s shirts or beach balls etc) to generate a love number call. The newspaper would get more sales and GMTV higher viewing figures. I arranged a meeting with the Head of Marketing at the Sun (where I caught a glimpse of the soon to be launched “Who Wants to be a Millionnaire”). Following on from that I went with the financial director at GMTV to the Sun. Unfortunately it was not to be as the Sun wanted some money from GMTV whuch they had no budget not every idea gets through.

So back to the tour. I originated some “Get Wicked” and sun reactive “Fun in the Sun” shorts, hats and so on, then bought a trailer. On the Saturday morning I set off to drive with a full trailer to Malaga from Oxford. I had 46 hours to get there..what could possibly go wrong?

My companion was so tired he could not drive so I had to drive 40 hours solid until the cylinder head gasket went. The RAC got us a taxi with trailer and we got there at 4.50am with a full ten minutes to spare. After a week my companion came back to the UK leaving me to tour Spain with GMTV for 6 weeks..which got extended to seven weeks as it was so popular. We moved location each week working the way up north through Spain.

Apart from selling the merchandise I had a number of inventions featured on the show.

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