Project Description

Having started out in the regional press them moved to London sales promotion agencies, when I went freelance, the natural progression was to do reader offers and promotions for the regional & national press.

Gardening pruners were a good starting point and a small reader offer in the Radio Times got 22,000 redemptions. Which is 22,000 envelopes to open, 22,000 cheques to check and get ready for the NatWest in Barnard Castle and 22,000 Wilkinson Sword pruners to have delivered by artic, get them up the drive, put into jiffy bags, stick coupons and postal labels on and get to the sorting office. With numerous offers running we had PO Box addresses in Darlington, Aycliffe and Barnard Castle. We did Xmas tree lights, dancing bears posters name it.

Free offers were very popular at the time. Through contacts I got onto the free seeds and bulbs bandwagon. This went very well with the media who often gave them a front page strapline.

Initially I did a lot with the Daily Express and before long had a promotion on the front page of both the Daily Express and the Sunday Mirror on the same day. On the Tuesday we had 20,000 envelopes arrive by the Royal Mail to open…then more on the Wednesday.

The most crazy free offer was a “Free Tree for Every Reader”. Readers sent £1.99 to cover postage. We ran this in a lot of national papers and in the Radio Times as a paid offer at £2.50. I sold over a quarter of a million trees so must have done my bit for the environment.

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