Project Description

As mentioned elsewhere we set up Chocpix, a new type of holographic white chocolate. It proved popular with Richard Curtis (Four Weddings & a Funeral etc) who leads Comic Relief. The plan was to put a small Chocpix in every single Red Nose Day box (over 8 million units).

This of course meant a number of meetings with Comic Relief, Sainsburys (who underwrite the Red Nose Boxes) and the chocolate manufacturer Kinnerton. We had to make huge molds for their large capacity machines.

The images on the chocolate were Dr Who, The Daleks, The Cybermen and Wallace & Gromit (we seem to be fated to keep being involved with them). As a major part of the Comic Relief Campaign our chocolate was shown on BBC 1 with Chris Evans (worked with him on BBC Radio One too), with David Tennant and with Matt Lucas & David Walliams from “Little Britain”.

The Blue Peter TV show  also came up north to film us making a mold of one of their presenters.


Project Details

  • Project Category:
  • Commercial Creativity, Copy Writing, Events, Media Promotions,
  • Company / Client:
  • Comic Relief/Sainsburys