Project Description

This is one of our own current ongoing projects. It is in partnership with Leah Hobson a personal colour consultant.

Personal colour consultations have been popular worldwide for decades now. They find the colour clothes you should wear to match your eyes, hair and skin tone. But the process is expensive at £80 – £150, so we developed an online version.

Leah sat down and worked out every possible result from a universe of around 250 colours. We got a programmer on board and the website now gives the twenty colours that look best on each individual based on their answers to some picture questions. They are charged £4.99 and receive their answers by email. A free app then gets the colours onto your smartphone for high street shopping.

There is also the option of fabric swatches. As this is a worldwide offering a sister site with the other color spelling was generated. A sister site was also made so that people could buy clothes online in these colours ( Other sister sites are being built to promote the site.


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  • What Are My Colours
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