There are a number of examples on this site.

By all means if you want you can give us the information and pictures etc and we will build you a good looking site.

But we offer more for the same price if you want it.

We can research the best sites for your type of business, steal ideas, good wording, industry info, then choose the layout for you, write the copy for you, find great stock pictures and  take some where needed.

We can write the copy in the best way to get across your message – we have written marketing copy for a lot of national newspapers and magazines.

We can host the site for free for a year if you want too.

You will see from our other services we can also offer logos, videos and search engine optimisation. If you want to sell off the site we can help you with that for both tangible and digital goods, we do it ourselves on our own sites.

We will give you as much help you want or keep to the tightest brief – whatever you prefer.

And you will see we have a very strong offer for web sites on our front page.

We start from as little as £399 for a website including a year’s free hosting.

And we can refer you to where there may possibly be a 40% grant available, making that just £239.40!!